Too Busy for Fun? Never!

too busy for fun
© 2014 Christy King
“Too busy for fun? All work and no play is a recipe for disaster, so make sure you savor the downtime as much as you can. Take time to pursue something that brings you joy today, however small it may be.”
- a Chinese horoscope for the rooster

Is your life hectic right now? Maybe you don’t have time to take your child to the zoo, go out for drinks with friends or take your dog for a hike, but instead of thinking you’re too busy for fun, try a few of these ways to squeeze a little joy into your day.

1. If the weather’s nice, eat outside.

2. Play your favorite song.

3. Give a loved one a bear hug.

4. Watch a funny clip from your favorite movie.

5. Blow bubbles with your kids (or by yourself!)

6. Use a laser pointer as a cat or dog toy.

7. Read the comics.

8. Sketch a picture or take some arty photos with your phone.

9. Write some flash fiction.

10. Spend 5 minutes working on a crossword or sudoku puzzle.

11. Savor a cup of coffee or tea.

12. Call, email or text a friend.

13. Dance.

14. Do something really nice for a coworker or friend.

14. Play a quick game on your phone or computer or with a pack of cards.

15. Buy yourself a treat to enjoy. Better yet – buy one for you and a coworker, friend or family member.

16. Watch the sunset or sunrise.

17. Try office yoga.

18. Read one chapter of a book. Or, if your book is one with interminable chapters, set a time or page limit instead.

19. Chat with someone in line.

20. Learn a few words in a new language.

21. Write a thank you note to someone who means a lot to you.

22. Trade favorite jokes with your coworkers.

23. Instead of reading a bedtime story to your kids, take turns making up parts of a silly story.

24. Juggle.

25. Make someone else smile with a random act of kindness.