50 Things I’m Grateful For

things i'm grateful for
© 2014 Christy King
Following in the footsteps of Carol and Lois, I’m also doing a list of 50 of the many things I’m grateful for.


  1. My husband, who actually thinks this minimalism thing is a good idea.
  2. Our 14-year-old son, who’s turning into an amazing young man who truly cares about others – both those he knows and those he’s never met.
  3. My hysterically funny stepson and kind thoughtful stepdaughter.
  4. Our sweet rescue dogs, Wilma and Mr. Wilson. They snore a lot, being as how Wilma is a Boston Terrier and Mr. Wilson is a pug, but you couldn’t ask for more loving – or funnier – dogs.
  5. Our rescue cat, Katrina, who likes to chat and snuggle.
  6. Our porch swing.
  7. Books.
  8. The newly resident red-tailed hawks.
  9. My many friends, both “in real life” and online.
  10. Sunshine.
  11. Turkey vultures soaring overhead.
  12. Petrichor (aka the smell of new rain).
  13. Hummingbirds.
  14. Our heated mattress pad.
  15. The white noise machine, which has allowed us to sleep through much kid-noise over the years.
  16. Hot baths.
  17. The library.
  18. Oregon strawberries. And raspberries . . . and marionberries . . . and blueberries.
  19. And Oregon apples and pears.
  20. Homemade bread.
  21. Knitting.
  22. Dew-covered spider webs.
  23. Dark chocolate. Especially with salted caramel.
  24. Chocolaty stouts and porters.
  25. Hiking.
  26. Being able to read books on my phone.
  27. Music.
  28. My new (and free) app, Merlin. I’m not “a birder,” but it’s great for someone like me who likes identifying birds I see at my feeders or while on a hike.
  29. Making good progress on decluttering.
  30. Baby smell.
  31. Digital cameras.
  32. Sunsets. And sunrises in the winter, which is the only time I’m awake for sunrise.
  33. Simplicity and minimalism blogs.
  34. Palm trees.
  35. Delicious healthful foods like freshly picked asparagus and brown rice.
  36. Those yummy but unhealthful foods like brownies and brioche.
  37. My church.
  38. All four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.
  39. Traveling.
  40. Bats.
  41. Chagrin Valley shampoo bars (no bottle and they condition my hair too).
  42. A breeze in summer.
  43. All the different types of mosses growing in the nearby forests.
  44. Deer, especially when I get to see them jump a fence. (Yeah, they do eat our plants, but I like them anyway).
  45. The ocean.
  46. Laughter.
  47. Snowflakes.
  48. Bed.
  49. Kindness.
  50. Coffee and tea.

Limiting myself to 50 things makes it easy to see just how many things I am grateful for. This list feels like such a tiny fraction of the wonderful things in my life.

It may seem overwhelming at first, but try making your own list. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised at how many you can list with a little thought.


8 thoughts on “50 Things I’m Grateful For

  1. Christy, your list proves we have so much to be grateful for. I could add several from your list to mine and still not cover everything. Dew covered spider webs, baby smells and sounds, a breeze on a hot summer day….. Great list

  2. Hello Christy, You are now the fourth blogger to do this! The first was Jaime Shine at Clearly Conveyed Communications – http://jaimeshine.com/. Next, I posted my list on Ahh The Simple Life – http://www.ahhthesimplelife.com/50-things-i-am-grateful-for/ . Then, Lois Field at Living Simply Free – http://living-simply-free.com/?s=50 . And now you! I love it, and hope that it will inspire others to try the same exercise.

    It’s amazing but true – it’s incredibly easy to come up with 50 things!


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