Getting Started – Commit to Ten Minutes Today

getting started

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

– Mark Twain

Are you stuck in the research stage of minimalism? Reading blogs and books? Planning? Waiting for the perfect time? That ends today. Getting started is as easy as taking ten minutes for a small project.

Choose one of these quick activities or get started on your own list of ideas for simplifying.

1. Sign up to receive digital billing statements for one account.

2. Clean out your glove box.

3. Unsubscribe from a couple of email lists you’re no longer interested in.

4. List five things you’re grateful for.

5. Set up an area to collect unwanted items for donation.

6. Throw away expired items in your fridge.

7. Make a list of items from your freezer you should eat in the next week.

8. Meditate and/or pray.

9. Have each of your kids choose one item to donate.

10. Put the mystery cords in a bag and label it “unknown cords” with the date.

11. Write a thank-you note.

12. Look for three items in your closet to donate.

13. Clean off one cupboard shelf in the kitchen or bathroom.

14. Order a scanner.

15. Clean the trash out of your car.

16. Email or call a friend you haven’t heard from in a while.

17. Schedule a medical or dental appointment you’ve been putting off. Put the appointment in your calendar.

18. Sign up for a digital calendar (like Google Calendar).

19. Clean out the cabinet under your kitchen or bathroom sink.

20. Grab a pile of papers and scan or file for 10 minutes.

21. Get organized for tomorrow morning.

22. Take a short walk.

23. Delete emails you no longer need.

24. Set up a Craigslist account and post an ad for an item you’ve been wanting to sell.

25. Create a spot for things that need to leave the house like outgoing mail, library books ready for return and bags of stuff to donate.

Have you been putting off simplifying? If so, why?

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