Minimalism A to Z: Q Is for Questioning Everything

Questioning (covered bridge)

“Question your beliefs. Choose what promotes love and unity.”

– Raphael Zernoff

Minimalism isn’t just about buying less. It’s about questioning our preconceived notions about how we should live. It’s about determining our priorities and spending our time and money on the things that are most important to us.

Yes, this means thinking carefully about our purchases, as well as which of the items we already own we should keep and which we should give away or recycle. But the questions don’t stop there.

“The key to wisdom is this – constant and frequent questioning, for by doubting we are led to question and by questioning we arrive at the truth.”

– Peter Abelard

Ask yourself questions about your life priorities and whether you’re spending enough time and money on those priorities.

What does success look like to you? A big house? A happy marriage? Time for hobbies? An expensive car? Plenty of time to relax? Good health? Designer shoes? Joyful children? Financial security? A prestigious title? Strong relationships? Meaningful work? Running your own business? Ability to travel?

Once you’ve determined your priorities, take some time to see if you actually live that way. If you say “strong relationships” are a priority, but spend nearly all your free time watching TV, you’re treating TV as more important.

Does this mean you really value TV more than your friends? Maybe, but more likely, you’re oblivious to how much time you spend watching TV and how you could use that time for more meaningful pursuits.

If you say travel is important, but spend most of your disposable income on fast food, you’re living as if the convenience of not cooking is more valuable than the trip to Europe you’ve been dreaming about.

Perhaps that’s true – but you could find ways to spend little time on cooking that are cheaper and healthier, and begin saving for your trip.

By becoming more mindful and questioning your choices, you’ll notice where changes need to made, and you can begin creating new habits that align with your priorities.

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