Experience Gifts Are Clutter-Free and More Fun

Experience Gifts

“Experience gifts, when well-chosen, can provide a lot of delight with zero clutter.”

– Jeri Dansky

Studies show you get the biggest bang for your buck, in terms of happiness, by buying experiences rather than material goods, so consider experience gifts for the holidays.

Need ideas?

  • Tickets to Events.
  • Memberships (zoo, museum, aquarium, pool).
  • Movie tickets.
  • Activity gift certificates (miniature golf, roller skating, skydiving, race-car driving).
  • Tickets to shows.
  • Classes.
  • Gift certificates for massage, manicure or spa services.
  • A camp or retreat.
  • Personal shopper consultation.
  • Food or drink club membership (wine- or fruit-of-the-month, for example)
  • Restaurant Gift Certificates.
  • Coupons for your services (housecleaning, yard work, cooking, home repairs, babysitting, grocery shopping).
  • Coupons for fun activities with you (maybe playing a board game together if the recipient is your child, perhaps a more intimate activity if the recipient is your significant other).
  • Plane tickets or trip packages.
  • For a child, a fun day with a friend.
  • For someone you don’t see often enough, simply spending quality time together is a wonderful gift.
  • Material goods that make an experience possible, such as craft supplies or sports equipment.
  • Crawls/Tours. These can be alcohol related (like pub crawls, winery tours and whiskey tastings) or not (like yarn crawls, food tours and chocolate tastings).

Have you received an experience gift? Given one? What’s your favorite?

7 thoughts on “Experience Gifts Are Clutter-Free and More Fun

  1. Christy, a most excellent list! My personal favorite is an event! Last Christmas my husband gifted me we an event at the South Shore Music Circus in Scituate, Mass.
    Wishing you wonderful holidays!

  2. I rarely receive experience gifts but this year I am gifting my son and his son with tickets to see the Globetrotters in January. it will be a fun night out for father and son and let my son share an experience as an adult that he had with as a child with me. I know they will remember this much longer than another toy.

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