Clutter-Free Gifts for the Holiday Season and Beyond

Clutter-Free Gifts

Grandma Verna’s Sugar Cookies, © clkohan via Creative Commons License

“I think it’s definitely possible to have ‘too much of a good thing’ when it comes to gifts — and giving clutter-free gifts seems to alleviate much of the stress and consumerism that seems to be forever associated with the holiday season.”

– Andrea Dekker

Too much clutter, but you still want to do a holiday gift exchange? Whether you’re trying to keep clutter out of your own home or looking for a gift for a minimalist friend or family member, these clutter-free gifts are the perfect solution.


  • homemade cookies, cakes or other baked goods
  • specialty sodas
  • beer, wine, or distilled spirits
  • chocolate
  • coffee or tea
  • homemade jams or pickles
  • fruit basket
  • homemade frozen meals
  • treats for the family pet

Other Consumables.

  • toiletries
  • cosmetics
  • art/craft supplies
  • postage stamps
  • gardening supplies
  • birdseed

Cash/Gift Cards.

People often shy away from these impersonal gifts, but most recipients like them. They’re especially well received by those with limited incomes who may need help to purchase necessities or who rarely have money for discretionary purchases.

Gifts that Help Reduce Clutter.

  • scanner
  • e-reader

Digital Gifts.

  • e-book
  • subscription to an e-magazine
  • subscription to a music-streaming service
  • subscription to a movie-streaming service

Items from a List.

Admittedly this won’t work well with everyone, but a lot of people are happy to give you a list of items they need and will use, even if those items seem boring for gift-giving, like socks, towels or windshield-wiper fluid.


Donate your time or money to one of the person’s favorite charities. Note I said one of their favorite charities, not yours!

Experience Gifts.

See my last post, Experience Gifts Are Clutter-Free and More Fun for experience-gift ideas.

What are your favorite clutter-free gifts?

5 thoughts on “Clutter-Free Gifts for the Holiday Season and Beyond

  1. I would rather not receive a gift but there are a few I do like, a house plant or seeds for the garden top my list. last year my son gifted me with a tablet which I now use for an ereader and have saved a lot over buying books.

  2. You make a good point about cash/gift cards. The other week my brother specifically asked for a grocery gift card, to ease the stress of catering for visitors over the Christmas break. It’s unfortunate that that is one of his main thoughts about the holiday, but hopefully now his worries will be eased a little and he can have some room for the joy of the holiday as well. And of course it is much better to know to give him that kind of gift, than some object that he didn’t particularly need anyway.

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