Five More Quick and Easy Decluttering Projects for the Weekend

green anemone - decluttering projects

“Owning less is better than organizing more.”

– Joshua Becker

Some of you may remember about a month ago when I posted five decluttering projects – but the headline said 10. Oops.

Originally I had planned to list 10 projects, but then thought people looking for “quick and easy decluttering projects” might feel overwhelmed, so I’d better split the suggestions into two posts.

Here are those missing five projects:

Sign up for paperless statements for all your bank and credit card accounts.

If you have enough time, also do this for your utilities and any other types of statements you might be receiving by mail.

Instead of printing statements you want to keep, save them to a folder on your computer, with the date in the folder’s name (e.g., “2017 credit card statements”). That way, at the end of whatever time period you choose, deleting all the old stuff is only a click away, since you won’t need to check each document.

Turn all your hangers around so they face backwards.

The idea is, after you wear the item, you’ll turn the hanger back the normal direction.

Calendar yourself a date of your choosing (probably a year, if you live someplace with distinct seasons) to get rid of the items you still haven’t worn.

Make file folders for paperwork you really do need to keep.

As nice as the thought of being completely paperless is, it’s not all that realistic. Who wants to have to order a new certified birth certificate or divorce decree every time you’re asked for it?

Decide what you need to keep in paper format (vs tossing or keeping it digitally) and create an organizational plan for those items.

Fill a “maybe” box.

You know that stuff you think you might want to get rid of, but you’re not sure? Random cords, unused kitchen gadgets, the jeans that almost fit?

Put them in a box and tape the box shut. Label the box with the date, and calendar yourself to check it in six months or a year. Take out whatever you need during that time period, and declutter whatever’s left on your calendared date.

Tackle the entry to your home that’s the landing place for miscellaneous stuff.

Don’t just put items where they belong, but make a plan for how to keep the area neat in the future.

Maybe you need hooks for keys, purses and backpacks. Maybe the kids need to bring their backrooms to their rooms. Perhaps you need to get rid of your old briefcase or unworn shoes.

Feel free to create your own decluttering projects for the weekend if none of these resonate with you.

I'd love for you to share your ideas and experiences.