Getting Rid of All That Stuff We Don’t Want Any More

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“I loved getting rid of all that stuff. I just can’t advise people strongly enough to do that…. It was worth every minute of time figuring out who to give the stuff to, how to get the stuff in a tag sale, where to put it, and where to send it.”

– Alison Olivieri

Getting rid of all that stuff we don’t want anymore isn’t as easy as it used to be. According to Baby boomers are downsizing — and the kids won’t take the family heirlooms, the adult kids are no longer willing to fill their attics, basements and garages with the stuff their parents declutter.

So what can we do with it?

A lot of us have books that need decluttering. You might want to try selling them or trading them in at used book store. Otherwise, check out this list of places to Donate Used Books.

Have broken or obsolete electronics? They can be recycled.

If you want someone to come pick up your stuff instead of you having to drop it off, try selling it on Craigslist, giving it away through Freecycle or finding a charity to pick it up.

Unwanted cleaning supplies, pesticides and other hazardous wastes need to be disposed of properly. If you live in the US, Earth911 can help you find a place that accepts these items.

Earth911 can also help you find places that will accept a wide variety of other items for reuse or recycling, including plastic, appliances, and old trophies.


P.S. This past weekend we sold our motorcycle through the neighborhood Facebook page. We rode it quite a bit the first couple of years we had it, but not all that often anymore. Not only did the buyer get a great deal, but we made money, we save money going forward on insurance, and we have more room in our garage.

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  1. Good tips. the best use for unwanted household goods I’ve seen is to give it to college students. With the downturn in the economy I found that many of the college apartments were being furnished with grandparents hand-me-downs.

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