Ten Easy Ways to Relax and Refresh this Summer

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“If you want to relax, watch the clouds pass by if you’re laying on the grass, or sit in front of the creek; just doing nothing and having those still moments is what really rejuvenates the body.”

– Miranda Kerr

Part of being a minimalist is finding time to relax. This summer, consider some of these ideas to refresh your mind and body.

1. Get enough sleep. While “getting by” is fine for a brief busy period, most of the time, shoot for at least seven hours of sleep a night.

2. Spend time in nature. If you live somewhere that gets really hot, try to get outside early in the morning or late in the evening.

3. Eat outside. Go for a picnic, barbecue and eat on the porch, or visit a restaurant with outdoor seating.

4. Go on a mini-vacation. Even day trips are rejuvenating and help us forget our worries.

5. Let your kids get bored. Home with the kids for the summer? You don’t need to entertain them all day or drive them around to multiple lessons. Experts say boredom is good for kids.

6. Read fun books by the pool (or ocean, lake or river). Save the serious literature and nonfiction tomes for fall.

7. Attend local festivals.¬†Even most small towns have some type of fair or festival in the summer, and in bigger cities, you’ll have lots of options.

8. Lie in the grass and watch the clouds. Remember how much fun it was as a kid to find shapes in the clouds?

9. Catch up on your chores. Vacation’s no fun if you’re stressed. Save a vacation day to use to catch up on chores and errands.

10. Watch a few summer themed movies. Here’s a list of 25, including The Graduate and Little Miss Sunshine.

7 thoughts on “Ten Easy Ways to Relax and Refresh this Summer

  1. Summer is my favorite time of year. As a child my grandmother used to play a game where we would lie on the grass or in the hammock and watch the clouds to see what pictures we could see in them. I still do this today. I recently found a book call the Cloud Spotters Guide at my library. You may want to check it out.

  2. I am happy to read this…as I am really doing some of these. Its Summer time here in North India and I really feel the need to keep myself rejuvenated.
    My favorite- Lie in the grass and watch the clouds.

    • Thanks for sharing. That’s one of my favorites, too. Unfortunately here in Oregon (west coast of USA), this year it has rained so much that there hasn’t been much opportunity to do it, but we’re finally entering our dry season.

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