Customized Home Maintenance Calendar for Safety and Frugality

pink flowers - customized home maintenance calendar

“Staying on top of all the preventative maintenance tasks throughout each month of the year is important to reduce energy costs, avoid early replacements costs, and keep the home healthy and safe for the family.”

– Reader’s Digest

I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to remember to do things like clean the dishwasher filter, get the gas furnace serviced and check the fire extinguishers. But this stuff is important to keep our home safe, save energy and prevent costly repairs later. So, I made a customized home maintenance calendar to remind me.

To create it, I first reviewed all the instructions for our appliances. These describe necessary maintenance for the specific models we have.

I also reviewed the home warranty information we received, as well as several online checklists. Just google “home maintenance calendar” and “home maintenance checklist,” and you’ll find way more information than you want.

Finally, I walked through the house looking for items I’d missed.

The customized calendar not only addresses issues specific to my home, but also keeps my calendar from being cluttered with tasks that don’t apply to our home. For example, I live in a townhouse, and the HOA hires people to deal with outside maintenance. I don’t need to clean the gutters or prune the bushes, so I don’t want these tasks on my calendar.

“Neglecting routine home maintenance and ignoring signs of deterioration often cause permanent damage that ends up degrading the value of your home.”

– Architectural Digest

While you can use a paper calendar or checklist, I prefer a digital calendar. The main benefit is that I can automatically repeat to-dos every month, every 2 months, every year, or whatever time frame I need.

If I change my mind once I get started (say, the furnace filter needs replacing more often than I’ve scheduled), it’s easy to change the calendar. Instead of erasing and rewriting stuff on a paper calendar, I can make the change in a few seconds.

I already use Google Calendar and found it easy to add a new “home maintenance” calendar. I can display these tasks along with my regular calendar, or show only one calendar at a time. In other words, I can hide the maintenance tasks, just seeing appointments, or vice versa.

If you’re more of a paper-calendar person, consider typing a checklist you can print. It’ll be a lot easier to make changes that way. It’ll also save you from rewriting all those entries in your new calendar every year.

Do you have a customized home maintenance calendar? Do you keep it digitally or on paper? Have any tips you’d like to share?

I'd love for you to share your ideas and experiences.