Decluttering Is a Lot of Work. Why Should I Be a Minimalist?

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“The [KonMari] lifestyle platform is built on the principle that decluttering and tidying one’s home often leads to more freedom in other aspects of one’s life, which can unexpectedly lead to true happiness.”

– Deborah Weinswig

When you first hear about minimalism, you might think “These people are crazy. Decluttering is a lot of work. What’s the point?”

As I slogged through two years of slowly decluttering, I sometimes wondered the same thing. But once you begin to make good progress, you’ll find that the benefits of minimalism far outweigh the initial (admittedly time-consuming) decluttering.

You’ll save time.

Housework is faster. Finding misplaced items is easier. You’ll eliminate some activities that aren’t important to you.

As a result, you’ll have more time and money for helping others, traveling, doing hobbies and hanging out with friends and family.

You’ll save money.

You might be able to downsize your home, but even if you don’t, you’re making more mindful purchases, so you’ll buy less stuff.

By saving money, you can pay off some or all of your debts.

You’ll enjoy your mementos more.

Instead of being boxed up in the garage or attic, your mementos will be easy to see and enjoy.

The quilt from your grandma is on your bed or hung on the wall. The photos are in albums or frames. Your parents’ china set is used for dinner.

You’ll be taking better care of the environment.

This is especially true if you downsize, but living more simply helps as well.

Consuming less means less pollution and better protection of the earth’s natural resources.

You’ll feel more content.

Minimalism teaches us how to live in the moment and appreciate the little things in life.

We can learn to be more mindful and thankful even without formal meditation and gratitude practices.

You’ll have more clarity in your thoughts.

Clutter causes both stress and distraction.

Neither of these are problems we’ll ever be able to eliminate, but reducing them makes us more productive, more tranquil and better at making decisions.

You might even lose weight.


What benefits have you experienced from living more simply?

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