Minimalist Miscellany: Winning, Time, Black Minimalists and Happiness

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Today’s Minimalist Miscellany covers winning, time, black minimalists and happiness.

Winning and Luxury Products

“Winning a competition, which we know is associated with feeling a sense of a higher social status, seems to drive individuals towards conspicuous consumption, making them more willing to pay for luxury items,” according to Dr. Yin Wu, one of the researchers on a University of Cambridge study.

Study participants played a competitive version of Tetris. Then the researchers asked them how much they’d be willing to pay for luxury items, from 10% of their retail price up to 120%. Winners tended to be willing to pay more than losers. Winners were also more willing than losers to pay for a Harvard University T-shirt.

“Our study demonstrates that winning a competition leads people to prefer high-status products,” said Dr. Wu, “possibly through an increased feeling of entitlement or deservingness.”

Awareness of Time

“Maybe there’s such thing as being too aware of the exact hour and minute,” says David Cain. “If there is,” he continues, “we must be well past that point.” Cain suggests we try to become “less aware of the hour and minute,” and see how our experience of time changes.

He says that since he’s hidden and disabled clocks around him, his days flow better and he works more efficiently.

Black Minimalists

Minimalism is often criticized as being a movement by and for white men. For a different perspective, check out the recent interview of Chris and Anna, posted on Black Minimalists.

In response to, “What does being a black minimalist mean to you?” Anna says, “It means shaping a generation of people who see wealth in themselves. I want black people to see themselves and know that they are dope AF with or without the gimmicks….”

Chris responds: “Going against the norm or perception of what is expected of an African American….”


Good sleep and good sex, not money, are the keys to happiness, according to a British survey. Of course, there’s likely more to the story. As this article notes, if you’re poor, you’re less likely to sleep well and have a satisfying sex life.

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