Minimalist Miscellany: Decluttering, Saving Money and More

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This week’s Minimalist Miscellany includes tips on decluttering, not acquiring stuff in the first place, diet, recycling and a Christian perspective on minimalism.

Looking for some quick decluttering projects? Choose one or more of these seven 5-minute decluttering projects to tackle today.

How being lazy can help you save money isn’t about skipping your morning latte, but relatively painless ways to get money into your savings account.

Some minimalists are vegans, either as part of the minimalist lifestyle or for other reasons. Either way, it’s important to understand that not all plant-based diets are healthful. In fact, your risk of coronary heart disease may even be higher if you eat an unhealthful plant-based diet than an unhealthful diet that includes animal foods.

6 ways to decline your parents’ old stuff without causing a family feud were compiled from interviews with experts in psychology, elder care, and organization.

Turns out we don’t have to get plastic peanut butter jars 100% clean to recycle them.  Just scrape out as much peanut butter as you can, add a little water (about 1/4 full) and a drop of dish detergent, then put on the top, shake vigorously and dump the contents.

Tired of staring into your closet, trying to decide what to wear? Courtney Carver offers some ideas to streamline your wardrobe decisions.

Aleteia, a Christian publication, discusses lessons we can learn about minimalism from Saint Francis.

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