Minimalist Miscellany: Food, Journaling, Money, Clutter & Van-Living

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Today’s Minimalist Miscellany includes stories about food, journaling, saving money, holiday gift clutter and van-living.

Reading Five Tech Myths People Still Believe can help you save money by making wiser purchases – and keeping your electronic devices’ batteries in good shape for a longer time.

As the holidays approach, you may be interested in 7 Tips to Overcome Holiday Gift Clutter.

Why Americans have stopped eating leftovers is an important reminder of how much food we waste. Check out Repurposing Leftovers to Save Time and Money and Help the Planet for some ideas on how to re-use leftovers without having to eat the same meal again.

Why is minimalism a good thing? See The Battle Between Freedom and Affluence for Trent Hamm’s perspective.

Feeling stressed? Did you know that writing your feelings down reduces activity in the amygdala, which is the part of our brains responsible for controlling the intensity of our emotions? If journaling about your feelings doesn’t come naturally to you, try these 7 Journaling Prompts for Taking Care of Yourself During Stressful Times.

As part of minimalism, many try to eat fewer processed foods. Several reasons why whole grains are healthy describes a Danish study finding that when overweight adults eat whole grains instead of white bread and white pasta, they eat less and they lose weight, plus the amount of inflammation in their bodies decreases.

Ever think about living in a van and touring the country? Read about the experiences of Two Young VanLifers Who Take Minimalism To The Extreme, including how they make it work financially.

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