Minimalist Miscellany: The Ivy Lee Method, the Bliss Station, and 4 More

red flower - minimalist miscellany

Today’s Minimalist Miscellany focuses on increasing productivity, using the slow-but-steady approach to work through unpleasant tasks, scanning, improving listening skills, setting up a bliss station, and TEDx Talks about getting rid of stuff.

Want to get more done so you can leave work early? Or meet more of your goals around the house? Try using the “Ivy Lee Method” to increase your productivity. This style of to-do list involves prioritizing what you most want to accomplish (duh!).

The power of 15-30 minutes per day reminds us of the benefits of the slow-but-steady approach to minimalism. It’s especially good for unpleasant tasks. My husband and I got rid of half of our stuff, working to declutter in small time increments.

Need to digitize your paperwork, but don’t have a scanner? Here’s how to use your smart phone to scan documents into PDF files.

One of the reasons people choose minimalism is to have more time and energy to improve relationships. Check out What Great Listeners Actually Do.  “While many of us have thought of being a good listener being like a sponge that accurately absorbs what the other person is saying, instead, what these findings show is that good listeners are like trampolines. They are someone you can bounce ideas off of — and rather than absorbing your ideas and energy, they amplify, energize, and clarify your thinking.”

Have you heard about the bliss station idea? I learned about it through Tammy Strobel‘s link to Austin Kleon‘s post. Kleon quotes Joseph Campbell, “This is a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be.” Kleon notes that the bliss station might be a time, not a place.

As you can guess, 6 TEDx talks on getting rid of stuff links to inspiring and educational talks about minimalism. Topics include consumerism, downsizing, smaller wardrobes and zero waste.

Have any links you’d like to share in Minimalist Miscellany?