Minimalist Miscellany – Reducing Stress with Photos (and More)

minimalist miscellany - bee on yellow flower

Minimalist Miscellany

Today begins a new series, Minimalist Miscellany, in which I share items I’ve recently come across online that may be of interest to minimalists.

Toying with the idea of becoming a minimalist, but not sure the benefits are worth the work? Consider 11 Ways Clutter Is Messing With Your Health & Relationships, beginning with “Having clutter can make you feel tired and lethargic.”

It’s time for spring cleaning, and these Checklists and Tips to Help Streamline Spring Cleaning may be just what you need to get your home maintenance and cleaning tasks under control.

“A growing body of research shows that people who spend time outside in sunny, green and natural spaces tend to be happier and healthier than those who don’t.” What if you’re stuck indoors due to bad weather or too much work? Interestingly, researchers have found that simply looking at a picture of greenery can reduce your stress levels. Greenery (or Even Photos of Trees) Can Make Us Happier.

Where the Wealth Was All Along begins, “I keep having this idea, not that I think it’s true, that when you die you appear in a talk show studio, and everyone is clapping. A host shakes your hand and asks you to sit down, and the both of you go over how you think you did.” Keep reading to find out where the wealth is.

Want to make life easier but aren’t sure how to begin? Start by trying a few suggestions from 21 Small Ways to Make Life Simpler. Consider, “Write it all down. Use your mind for better things than remembering what to do.”

Planned leftovers are a great way to save time, but can get boring. In Praise of Leftovers may inspire you to use leftovers more creatively. “I should say that when I talk about leftovers I don’t usually mean a fully prepared meal being reheated…. I crave a little transformation and reconceptualization, an inclination that stretches back well over a century of American food writing.”

Feeling depressed or anxious? Healing Through Service: 20 Ways to Help Others (and Yourself) suggests that when you give, “you’ll find yourself thinking less of your own problems and your heart softening.”