New Year’s Resolutions – Resources to Help Keep Common Resolutions

New Year's resolutions

“The problem with New Year’s resolutions … is that people try to adopt too many behavioral changes at once. It doesn’t work. I don’t care if you’re a world-class CEO – you’ll quit.”

– Tim Ferriss

Need ideas for your New Year’s resolutions this year? Check out Simple New Year’s Resolutions to Simplify Your Life and Minimalist Resolutions: Suggestions.

Of course, we all know making resolutions is a lot easier than keeping them. So, I’ve collected some resources to help you with some of the most common resolutions.

Eat more healthfully

39 Low Effort and Healthy Dinner Recipes

Simple Healthful Meals for the Whole Family

25 Easy Vegetarian Weeknight Dinners

Exercise more

Exercise on a Budget

Minimalist Exercise

Here’s How to Make Yourself Love Exercise


7 Tips to Help Keep Your Resolution to Declutter

How to Begin Major Decluttering Projects

100 things to toss from your home in the new year

Get organized

How to Organize a To Do List

Paper Chaos to Organized Files in Only 10 Minutes a Day

12 New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Get Organized

Save money

How to Save Money: 100 Great Tips to Get You Started

Minimalist Frugality: How Minimalism Can Save You Money

Mark Cuban: The 3 best tips to save more money in 2018

And just for fun

Tips For Getting Organized