Free Ebooks Are Not Only Good for Your Wallet, but Save Space

ebooks and paper books - free ebooks
© Roberto Ventre, “Kindle 4,” CC BY-SA 2.0

“Ask anyone with a big book collection, and they’ll tell you moving them was the hardest part of the move…. Abandoning print and having your Kindle on display instead doesn’t sound like such a bad idea while carrying book box number seven to the car.”

– Lauren Leto

Many people enjoy ebooks over physical books, in part because they’re a good way to have a great book collection in virtually no space. Unfortunately, they usually cost as much as a new physical book and you don’t have the option of picking up a cheap used copy.

Luckily, free and cheap ebooks are available at a number of websites and can also be checked out through many public libraries. If your library isn’t an OverDrive member, check your library’s website for a link to its ebooks.

Amazon’s Kindle Store

Barnes & Noble Nook Books




Classic Reader



FeedBooks Public Domain


Google Books

Internet Archive


Open Library

Project Gutenberg



While Torrent sites offer free ebooks, it’s best to avoid them, since the books are frequently uploaded without authorization and may infringe others’ copyrights. Also, Torrent files often contain viruses.

What’s your favorite place to find free ebooks? What about discounted ebooks?