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Answer this six-question quiz

to find out how minimalist you really are

Instructions: Please answer all six questions and mark only one answer per question in this quiz.  If more than one answer applies, choose the one that fits you the best.

Find out how far along the path to minimalism you are by answering these six quick questions.

1. When you read a blog or book about someone living in a tiny house, you think to yourself:


2.  When you look in your closet, you:


3.  Your refrigerator:


4.  Your 12-year old has an orthodontist appointment next week.  When she asks when it is, you say:


5.  On the way home from work, you decide to stop by the grocery store.  You:


6.  Your spouse had a bad day at work and wants to talk to you about it after dinner.  You:


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**Project 333, created by Courtney Carver,  challenges you to dress with 33 or fewer items (including clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear and shoes)  for a period of 3 months.

21 thoughts on “Quiz

  1. I’m a “master minimalist” but there were only like 6 questions and two of them didn’t apply to me. 1: I share a fridge with my housemates so I can’t control the amount that is in there or how clean it is. 2: I don’t have kids… They’re disruptive to the lifestyle

  2. I am the daughter of hoarders, as I see many of us are! From one extreme to another, maybe. I love living simply, without the distractions of “stuff.” Unfortunately, my mother is giving me so much junk, a houseful and warehouseful, now and when she dies, it will take months to go through it all. When I’m over this hurdle is over I can truly be “free!”

  3. I am a skillfull simplifier. Due to bad financial decisions a few years back I had to move in with my parents and I am 35. My room is like a small apartment off to the side of the garage. I constantly fight my upbringing as a hoarder and LOVE throwing junk out. My parents are hoarders. My mom loves to keep plastic bags as she might “need them” someday and can’t understand why I despise living in filth like they do. I just had a DVD purge-kept about 10 blu ray movies and contemplate not watching movies anymore as they are a waste of time. Got rid of all video games. Digging myself out of debt. Dream of either a tiny house or an earthship (might want the earth ship, as much as I love the tiny homes, I LOVE having big open spaces with NOTHING in them-1500 square foot house with five pieces of furniture, feels like I am in a giant cathedral lol). I have a big screen TV and am thinking about selling it. I have a lot of work to do and am working my way through school to get a job in health information technology, medical coding and such. Can’t wait to get out of this trash heap I live next to and never come back. If my parents want to see me, they can come for a visit in my empty house!!! Might come for a visit, but I need to live far far away. My mom keeps buying me crap I don’t want and I ask her not to. She just can’t resist buying me clothes. It is embarrasing. I love thinking like a minimalist.

    • I know entirely what you mean, since I’ve had some hoarders in my family as well. I know that what we started with before beginning to minimize was less than many people have, but it still made me feel overwhelmed. Good luck with all your plans.

  4. It seems I am a moderate minimalist, which I think is a fair description. I’m getting ready for a clothes/book purge again soon. I know there’s always room for improvement in terms of how we live and how much stuff we own but I know it’s been far, far worse in the past too. It’s good to be conscious of what you own and why you buy stuff for sure.

  5. Christy, your quiz was fun and made me look like a better minimalist than I am. My closet holds nothing more than my extra wheelchair and some cardboard which will be used in the garden as soon as it warms up. My clothes all fit on one shelf in a cabinet. As for the fridge, I don’t own one but do own a small chest freezer which made much more sense to me. Shopping since purchasing the freezer has been almost non-existent. I stocked up from the farmers market and my garden and have only spent $38 and change for Christmas foods and a few staples which I ran short of since Thanksgiving.

    Where I am not a minimalist is in my craft supplies. I need to pare down but enjoy each one and switch between types of projects. I do try to keep only what I will use and each are small but I would have more space if I gave up one, especially my furniture restoration. My kitchen cabinets ( I have 2) are filled with paint and tools instead of kitchen appliances. The same cabinet that holds my clothes has 2 shelves dedicated to dishes and pans and one other contains all my pantry things.

  6. i did well on the test but think I could do a lot better in real life. when i quit working several years ago, i downsized from a house to a 330 sq ft apartment for awhile and then back up to a 484 sq ft retirement apartment two years ago and love it. it took awhile to pare down but I have been doing more and more lately as I see how little I really need. not working means a lot less clothes and I have never been a shoe diva. . .just enough to get by on. being a florida girl i now wear flip flops most of the time but they are very nice, of course. I have yet to be successful in purging the kitchen properly. i have gotten rid of all plastics except for the very few prepackaged foods i buy. most everything goes into old pickle jars for storage. . . .free and perfect for one person. i do like having stuff in the kitchen though. . . .a food processor ive used once, etc. any ideas on just what i should keep in the kitchen?? any help would be appreciated.

    • Sounds like you’re doing quite well in real life if you’re happy in 484 square feet.

      As to the kitchen, I really think it depends on what you use. One of my favorite examples is I have 10 (or was it 11?) kinds of flour. But I bake a lot, and I use them. Baking bread is one of my hobbies. I have bannetons, a couche, a lame and other bread-making supplies.

      On the other hand, we got rid of a bunch of things other people swear by, but that WE don’t use, like the rice cooker, lemon squeezer, cheese slicer and garlic press.

      My point is, it’s all about keeping what you use and enjoy, and getting rid of what you don’t.

      We use our food processor multiple times a week, but it sounds like you should get rid of yours since you’ve only used it once.

      Also consider whether some of the things you currently use could be done with another thing you already have. For example, maybe your Dutch oven will work fine for stove top and casseroles, and you can give away your casserole dish.

      If you’re really having a hard time, you may want to try the trick of boxing up a bunch of stuff and seeing if you ever miss it.

      • What? No garlic press?
        I just listened to your interview on Minimialism for the rest of us and was SO HAPPY to hear you say you don’t have to ditch everything and you have 10 kinds of flour. I get grumpy when I feel like I need to get rid of everything and live without. You helped me realize living minimalist doesn’t have to mean without.

        • I’m glad to hear that 🙂 And no, we just mince garlic with a knife. We use a LOT of garlic (gotta keep away the vampires, you know) and it turns out to be faster to use the chef’s knife.

  7. What a cute idea. I am glad to know I am a “Skillful Simplifier”.

    I am intrigued as to how you did this quiz? Software? Plug-in?

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