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Win A Jackpot Party At A Casino With Free Coins

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Win A Jackpot Party At A Casino With Free Coins

Jackpot Party Casino Free coins. Play on Android phones and Facebook. It looks like real slot machines from those old slots at the bars. When a big tournament starts nobody else will be able to hop into it.

I was at the bar the other night playing slots and it seemed as if everyone could enter and get a jackpot, even though there were only two slots left. There was this huge explosion of people coming in and out of the bar. Some were playing really tight, some were just hanging around. The latter were all looking for a lucky roll, but not winning, at least not that big.

Then I noticed the free coins. There were several of them, each costing a dollar, but they were so plentiful, I couldn’t resist trying them. If I had lost the first round I would have been outta here, but since I hadn’t I figured I might as well take advantage of the free coins. No harm in trying. It didn’t take long to find out they work pretty well.

My first reaction was to get angry that I had lost and start again with a new game. That would only cause me to lose more. I didn’t want to go out there and try to win a jackpot in a casino where I wasn’t familiar with how to play. Plus I wanted to get some new ideas. It didn’t seem likely I was going to win. So I played on and won my first ever cash prize.

My next thought was, “Why aren’t any of my friends winning on these casinos?” This was after all their first time playing and they were obviously having a whale of a time. I soon discovered why. Most of the guests weren’t in the mood. They weren’t ready to play because they were either too tired or had other obligations.

I knew it was a party so I went easy on the alcohol and kept the party inside. I just asked everyone to bring a couple dollar bills with them and to turn down their chips if they didn’t have enough. The next day I emailed everyone how much money we had won and asked if anyone wanted to exchange any of their chips for a jackpot party ticket. Most people were more than happy to comply, many more than they expected. The party was a huge success and everyone had a great time.